Monday, February 28, 2011

M/M Month in Review and More! (February was a doozy!)

Wow! I can't believe February is over already! I had a great month with my M/M Romances and I hope you found something entertaining while you were here.

I wanted to especially thank several people for stopping by to talk about the joys of M/M Romance: Kris, Danielle, Cecile and Erotic Horizon, Tam, Smokinhotbooks, Larissa, Janna, and also Jay Bell for allowing Danielle to feature his book and interview here, and Chandra for offering Heidi Cullinan's wonderful book, Nowhere Ranch, for review.

It looks like I read a ton of books this month but a lot were short stories...

1. She's Got Balls by Mia Watts (4 1/2 stars)
2. Out of Bounds by T.A. Chase (3 1/2 stars)
3. Inland Empire by James Buchanan (4 stars)
4. Love and Loyalty by Tere Michaels (4 stars)
5. Turn it Up by Vivian Arend (4 stars ) <--not m/m 6. Game for Love by Bella Andre (2 stars) <--not m/m 7. Heaven by Jet Mykles (4 1/2 stars)
8. College Boys Anthology (2 stars)
9. Coin Operated by Ginny Glass (3 stars)
10.Stick Shift by Lissa Matthews (3 stars)
11. Bad Boys, Bad Boys by Mia Watts (4 stars)
12. Tequila Sunrise by Moira Rogers (4 stars)
13. Bound by Deception by Ava March (3 1/2 stars)
14. Seducing Jane Porter by Dominique Adair (4 stars)
15. Educating Jane Porter by Dominique Adair (3 stars)
16. Reinventing Jane Porter by Dominique Adair (3 1/2 stars)
17. Stockholm Seduction by Lily Harlem (2 stars)
18. It Happened One Bite by Lydia Dare (4 stars)
19. Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt (3 1/2 stars)
20. To Conquer a Highlander by Mary Wine (4 1/2 stars)
21. Texas Tangle by Leah Braemel (3 1/2 stars)
22. Tyler by C.H. Admirand (2 stars)
23. Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan (5 stars)
24. Eve of Sahmain by Lisa Sanchez (2 1/2 stars)
25. Pleasures Untold by Lisa Sanchez (3 stars)
26. Swept Off Her Feet by Hester Browne (5 stars)

(yes, towards the end of the month I had to switch gears a bit, lol)


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A few bloggers have expressed their interest in attending the GayRomLit Festival in October this year in New Orleans. I looked at the event list and it looks like it's going to be fun. I recognized several of the author's names who will be attending and I want to go!!! I think I'm still too much of a newbie to get the full effect though, but I wish I could pop in and gush to those authors I am familiar with :) I'd love to know if you are attending, maybe we can set something up!

So, I bid farewell to M/M Romance month - but not to M/M romance. I have discovered some new-to-me authors I plan to read much, much more of, as well as many authors in the comments I plan to try soon. Thanks everyone for your recommendations and for stopping by.


In non M/M news, a great new romance website debuted this month:
Heroes and Heartbreakers is a fun new site full of interesting news, posts, contests, and more! Head over and check it out if you haven't already!

Also, The Romance Reviews (TRR) grand opening is tomorrow:
They have games, prizes, book reviews, author chats, and more!


Parajunkee and I met Jeaniene Frost and Pamela Palmer last week!

They were both very talkative (in a good way, lol) and it was a nice, intimate event. Ms. Frost answered some questions about a book for Ian: she said he's not ready for his own book yet, if he did get his own book it would be all blood and sex (and that's bad why?) but that he will probably get a book after he grows up a bit. I asked if she had a definite end for the series or would she continue indefinitely, and she said she already knows the ending; I think she said there are going to be 9 books in this series. Someone asked how she came up with Cat/Bones and she said it was a dream. They were arguing and she knew Cat was a half-vamp and Bones was a a full vamp.

Ms. Palmer's Feral Warriors series is new to me. It sounds interesting and I bought the first book in the series so I'm planning to read it soon.


And last, but certainly not least, Authors After Dark has announced their 2012 location. Yes, you guessed it: New Orleans!!!
I am so freakin' excited - I've been kind of bummed I couldn't travel to Philadelphia for this year's event, so to have it right here in my city next year is awesome news!!! I've been saying forever that New Orleans is the perfect place to have a romance event - we're a great setting for UF, paranormal, contemporary, and GLBT settings. So mark your calendars - August 2012 - come on down to the ol' dirty, dirty and get your romance on!!!


That was my month, how was yours?


  1. It was a fun week and I hope some of your m/f readers might take a little chance on m/m. Lots of fun posts and reviews. Thanks for hosting us. :-)

  2. It was a really fun month, Patti!

    I think by October, you won't be so new to m/m and you'll get plenty out of GayRomLit - you should attend!! :)

  3. oooooh awesome month!!

    I cant wait for AAD NOLA!!! YAY!!