Tuesday, February 22, 2011

M/M Month Guest Post: Smokinhotbooks' M/M Reader’s Beginner’s Guide To Picking The Right Kind of Manlove

Please join me in welcoming the superfabulous duo of KC and KK (aka Smokinhotbooks)! When I decided to throw a M/M Romance party, I knew these ladies were the perfect people to invite :) Sit back and relax as they guide you to picking the perfect read for whatever M/M level you're ready for:

M/M Reader’s Beginner’s Guide To Picking The Right Kind of Manlove
Some of us (clears throat) are veterans of the reading industry, ie you have more m/m ebooks on your Kindle than traditional romance books. Some of us are m/m virgins and some of us, maybe don’t know what the h-e-double hockey sticks M/M means (yes, I confess to thinking, at first, M/M meant medieval romance. Don’t’ ask me what the other M stood for). Smokinhotbooks is here to be your m/m guide in picking the right kind of manlove for your reading pleasure.

I always say test the waters first. We at SHB are the type to dip our toe in the water first before just jumping right in – way to many xtreme erotic romances in the early days can make you gun shy. I recommend trying a m/m/f, not to be confused with m/f/m. Usually with m/f/m there is no touchies between the guys it’s all about the lady and since we are easing you into reading m/m (dudes only) you might want to find books with m/m/f in which case the boys usually play together.
We recommend Lauren Dane’s Laid Bare

This Isn’t My First Rodeo (M/M Readers)
Read a few m/m books and would like to tackle a few more under my belt
For those of you who’ve been around the range a time or too and are interested in reading more because you caught the feva; you might like the following:
Anything written by LB Gregg, her books tend to infuse a lot of humor and are more m/m fiction. There is some lovin’ but not as much as a erotic manlove book.
JL Langley – tends to write a spice® manlove book, but if you like your Thai food a little spicy this was one of the first authors we read an enjoyed.
ZA Maxfield
Ava March – great for historical m/m if you are looking to get away from contemporaries.
Tere Michaels
Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane
Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville

Old Timers
You probably have your favs – you know what you like and more than likely have Loose ID, Samhain, Dreamspinner Press saved to your favorites.

Looking for something different…maybe even a little YA... (gasp) we know, you thought we were going to recommend something naughty, weren’t you!

Lord of White Hell I and II by Ginn Hale – kind of like an adult-Harry-Potter with a love story that spans 2 books.

Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley

Ok, now if you are really looking to ‘stretch’ yourself you might want to venture into the wonderful world of Yaoi Manage or graphic novels. Yes people, there are PICTURES!

Share with SHB what m/m books do you likey?


  1. All excellent books guys. There are so many great authors and differing genres. I can't say what my recs would be. You hit most of the good ones for those dipping their toe in the water. However if someone wants to ease in without any graphic smexin' Sean Kennedy's Tigers and Devils is a great choice. totally romantic and no on-page penises (peni? are they like octopi?)

    If someone is a bit unsure about m/m I'd recommend they stay AWAY from anything written by Sean Michael. Some is sweet sure, but you just never know when a fisting scene is going to crop up and smack you in the face. Better to save those for when you are ready to push the boundaries significantly more. :-)

  2. Great post! I second Tam with Tigers and Devils. Also Josh Lanyon goes easy on the sex scenes in many of his books. I usually rec LB Gregg too because her stories are so entertaining :)

  3. Thanks the ladies from Smexybooks! It's a great post with, what sound like, wonderful suggestions. Since I'm a beginner and have yet to pick up a m/m novel it sounds like I should look into Laid Bare!

  4. @Tam loooooooove Sean Kennedy. Good rec for those looking for less sexy time.

    I remember when I read my first fisting scene *shock face*

    @Mandi Word ;)

    @Deannalynnc thanks ;)

  5. I think if we're talking Yaoi manga hands down my favorite would have to be Fake by Sanami Matoh. Ryo and Dee are cops so you have action, emotion, and once you get to the later chapters - smoking hot sex. I highly recommend them!

  6. I am sticking to Laid Bare, little newbie as I am :)

  7. I skimmed my first fisting scene, kind of reading it quickly without looking too much, then snuck little rereads taking in more detail a few times. LOL Definitely 0_o. Now I'm sad to say it's more like "Yeah yeah, get the Crisco and let's get this show on the road." LOL

  8. Agree.
    Great recs, girls!

    LOL, Tam's comment about fisting!

    I would add as a recommendation the Cut & Run series by the writers duo Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux for those who like romantic suspense and lots of action (not only of the in-bed-variety).

  9. Cool recs for the m/m virgins out there, KC and K-Khan. :)

    I second your suggestion of Lauren Dane for testing the m/m waters via menage. She writes great erotica with strong storylines. Another one of hers is 'Trinity', which is closely associated with her Cascadia Wolves series. Witch + cat shifter + wolf shifter = hotness. *g*

  10. Great guidelines ladies! I totally agree with Laid Bare being a great first glimpse into the m/m world!

  11. Marie Sexton's Coda series, starting with Promises.
    Charlie Cochrane's Cambridge Fellows Mysteries are set in the early 20th century and are not explicit at all.

  12. I think Laid Bare might have been my gateway drug to menage...I still go back and re-read that one from time to time :) Gobsmacked was my first m/m romance. I've read a few of your recs but there are many new names for me to try.

    Thank you KC and KK, for coming over to play!!!