Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Patricia Brigg' Cry Wolf

As I mentioned previously, I've given J the first Mercy Thompson book to read. I really enjoyed this series and I think it's a good one for a guy (no sex). Once I'd given it to him, however, I wanted to read it again myself. Instead, I decided to read her Alpha & Omega book, Cry Wolf.

Let me start by saying that I love Mercy's world, and her werewolf and vampire friends. I enjoyed the glimpses of Bran (the Marrok of North America's werewolves) and his family in Mercy's story and felt like I would know what was going on in the Alpha & Omega story, which I did. Cry Wolf is the story of Bran's son, Charles, and his new mate, Anna. Apparently Anna is a relatively new wolf who was abused by her pack and rescued by Charles. Upon returning to Charles' home, trouble comes up and Bran sends Charles and Anna to handle it. There's a powerful witch involved and the future of not only the pack but all the North American werewolves is in jeopardy.
While I enjoyed the story, I prefer Mercy's story to Charles and Anna's story. The Mercy series is definately a keeper, but I probably will not keep this book. I will, of course, read the 2nd installment of the series when it comes out in August (I think it's August), but didn't feel the connection to the characters like I did with Mercy's books; which is sort of weird considering some of the characters are the same. Bran was actually my favorite character in this story, even though he's not the main character.

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