Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Library of One

I think I'm turning into a madam. It started out with a little lady who goes by the name of Bella Swan, I loaned her out to a couple of people. Then a young lady named Sookie caught my attention - let me tell you, she sure does get passed around. I've sent out some pretty bad-ass brothers, and some people have requested wolves.
Yes, I started out with Twilight - loved it and loaned it. Then I caught a whiff of True Blood and had to have the books. Currently, they are residing with the 8th person I've loaned them to - seriously, they get around! The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a fun secret between SIL(H) and myself. I lent out a few of the Dark Hunters, and am tickled to death that my hubby has asked for some book recommendations. To him I recommended the Harry Dresden books, which I still have not read, but J says were great. (I like a bit of "sexy time" in my reads and I'm worried there is none for Harry, since it's written by a man.) He even watched the show when he was finished with the books. I also gave him the WVMP books and most recently he's started the Mercy Thompson series. It's nice to have a guy's opinion about them.
I love borrowing and sharing books and talking about them afterwards, dissecting the good parts and talking about what might happen to my favorite characters in the future. And sending facebook flair...

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