Friday, July 22, 2011

Fearful Friday: Amazon Reviews

I post my reviews here, and I post them on Goodreads. I hadn't been posting my reviews on Amazon, mostly because I'd heard horror stories from other bloggers about plagarism of reviews. However, I got the impression that some of the new publishing houses on NetGalley want to see reviews on Amazon, so I decided to give it a go. Does the "6 out of 10 people found this review helpful" option make anyone else feel like a failure? I guess that's how authors feel about reviews (times about a million), hmmm?  And, I don't know what to do when someone criticizes my review - reply or ignore?  So far I've just apologized.  That's probably the wimp's way out but that's me - Wimpy McDoormat.

My other thought about reviews on Amazon is that I'm suspicious of 5 star ratings from people who haven't reviewed any other book except the one they've given 5 stars to. Really? This book and this book alone moved you to share your thoughts with the world? Is anyone else suspicious that they're done by friends/family? Or am I becoming a cynical b!tch? (Don't answer that.  At least, don't answer it truthfully, lol)

That being said, I do love Amazon - the site is informative and I do look at the reviews when deciding which books/ebooks I'd like to purchase.

Do you post your reviews on Amazon?
Do you use the same format as your blog or change it up?
Any hints or tricks for an Amazon novice?


  1. I've heard the stories, too, and since I'm not a fan of drama, I've avoided putting my reviews out there.

  2. You are not alone Patti. I do post to Amazon, but the "helpful" voting on reviews is very frustrating. Never apologize for your reviews. They are your opinions. And that is really the whole point... sharing what you think about a book.

    You can check out my thoughts on it if your interested:


  3. I only post on Amazon if it's requested of me specifically by an author. I've thought about it, but I'm already posting the review once on my site, then I have to go and look it up on GR and copy and paste it there and I really don't feel so inclined to go and look it up AGAIN on Amazon and repost yet again. So I might be one of those people who only has a couple of reviews.

    As for the likes/dislikes, I don't pay any attention to that when I look at other reviews so I likely would ignore it and if someone said "You're stupid", I'd just ignore it. However I would be reluctant to post again, at least for that particular author.

    So in general no. However I am willing to do so if an author asks because I know there is some logic to getting review or tags or something. It's a system I don't understand and generally ignore.

  4. I've just had my *raising eyebrow* moment with I normally only post at - why only there and not .com too? Beats me!! But sometimes, to give an author more exposure I venture in to and I did so last week with my review of J.P. Barnaby's VANISHED. When I had to google some info regarding this book I found a partial of my review on various review sites with a link to the full review :( So yeah, I'm avoiding like the plague for posting reviews because this never happened to me just posting on - which is perhaps weird as it is one company but still...

  5. I post on Amazon..but I'm not sure why - LOL. I get the nastiest comments sometimes.

    Didn't think much about plagiarism...sigh.

  6. Chris: Ahhh, drama. I avoid it like the plague.

    Jen: I wondered if people were voting negatively to get their own ratings up. I thought I was just jaded, lol :)

    Tam: It is a bit of a process, isn't it? I know the publishers like the reviews on a site where people buy the book, but B&N didn't work for me so I switched to Amazon.

    Leontine: Those are exactly the type rumors I've heard! That's got to be frustrating - I'm sorry it happened to you.

  7. Mandi: If your reviews are getting nasty comments then I know I'm in good company, lol.

  8. I hate that! I've posted some of my reviews on Amazon but I stopped checking them afterwards. I also opt out of receiving notifications when someone comments on them. Those people are mean sometimes! :(

  9. I had a review stolen from Amazon. It was a mess but evenutally got fixed. I did a post about my ordeal. After that, I had removed all my reviews from Amazon for a while. Once I felt okay about it, I put them back up.

    I just copy and paste my review from my blog onto Amazon.

    I do not like the "6 out of 10 people found this review helpful" option. I loathe it. I try not to pay attention to it.

  10. Do not pay attention to it at all. I have gotten mean comments and one really weird. And those helpful things, I just do not go back. Seems like amazon peeps can be really mean sometimes.

  11. I just post my reviews on my own blog, and that is it. I don't shop at Amazon, so I don't go there just to post or read a review.

  12. You cynical bitch!!! LMAO Just kidding girl.
    I post all of my reviews on Amazon as well. I don't worry about the whole plagiarism thing, because if my reviews where that great then they would be doing better than 6 out of 10 people. LOL

  13. I do post my reviews on 3 (or 4 depending on my mood) Amazon Websites. But I don't put ALL my reviews up. It takes too much time and I'm too lazy to add them all. (Also some reviews get eaten by the moderator at Amazon,so I have to track down which review wasn't posted).
    Anyway, I don't take the time to post reviews of books I didn't like much. So I end up being one of those people who only posts reviews of books I love ;)

    As for 'Helpful review' votes...for the same review on 3 websites I get a different result. On the UK Amazon many people give me 'unhelpful votes' while on the US Amazon I get 'helpful votes'. I stopped caring. Works better that way =P

  14. Wow, I had no idea it was such a pain for reviewers to post to Amazon. That stinks that people are being mean and stealing reviews. :(

    And as for friends and family fluffing the averages by posting five-star reviews, that definitely does happen, not just on Amazon but on places like Goodreads as well.

    When I go to buy a book on Amazon I do read the reviews, but I tend to discount both the 5-star and 1-star reviews (unless they are by a reviewer I recognize) because typically they are less useful reviews. Like there are always 1-star reviews on erotic romances that inevitably say--"This whole book was just filthy!"--usually given by someone who had no idea they were buying an ero rom. Not helpful.

    But I hope you don't give up on Amazon because I think that's where the vast majority of people go first to look at reviews on a book. :)

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  16. Jess: Yes, I think I must stop checking, lol.

    Book Vixen: Your experience was why I didn't want to post on Amazon initially.

    Blodeuedd: It's weird that they're mean. Why would anyone do that? *shrugs shoulders*

    Aurian: I didn't either until some of the pubs asked for it.

  17. Amy J: HAHAHA! Thanks, I needed that :)

    pattepoilue: 3 or 4 Amazon websites?!? How do you keep track, lol? I've decided not thanks to all the wonderful commenters I've decided to stop caring.

    Roni: I didn't think it would be a big deal either. I don't think it will now that I'm putting on my thick skin :) I do look at the other reviews and take with a grain of salt.

    Big River Review: I don't think the democratic intent is working but don't think it's anarchy either. Interesting site though.

  18. @Patti That IS the problem! It's hard to keep track, and it takes a lot of time. I started doing it to promote 'small' authors, to give them more exposure. I can't post them all so I choose the ones I post. ;) Yes ignoring them is the best way to go.